50th Reunion

Official 50th reunion photography by Laura Krug Campbell

This side of the table is concentrating on taking care of business Left to right: Merle Newman Caudill, Barbara Lowry Huffman, Cindy Fox Carter, Dick Wiggins, Phil Westfall, Janice Amerine and Peggy Hoyt Martineau

Phil Post checking the list of those signed up for the reunion

Judy Clauss Gran and Karon Kelly Swan

Farrell Sparks and Sandee Christopher Westfall getting ready to stuff keepsake bags

Marilyn Paxon Blackburn, Linda Jones Krug and Peggy Hoyt Martineau are at the beginning of the assembly line

Sharon Dirlam Robinson, Cindy Fox Carter and Marjean Garey Wray talking while stuffing!

Janice Amerine Woods, Merle Newman Caudill and Cheryl Lauver Hinkle at work.

Phil Westfall, Phil Hemry and Sandee Christopher Westfall working in the assembly line!

Phil Post and Karon Kelly Swan at the end of the line

Caption: Farrell Sparks, Cliff Van Arsdale and Janet Chase Amlin

Paulette Stutsman Brown and Linda Liggett Hull show off the finished classmates gift bag!

Elizabeth Longo McKinnon and Jeri Mason Hamman

Janet Chase Amlin and Janice Amerine Woods

Judy Clauss Gran is helping load gift bags into Merle Newman Caudill's van for the Saturday evening dinner.

Sonny Lenhart and Phil Hemry

Frank Freeland and Ron Wiseman

Joyce Robinson Davis

Dallas D'Antuono Ramirez, Ben Norman and Linda Riley Bowser

Gary Willman

Karen Boring Workman and Helen Coyle Fulton

Dick Wiggins with John Hoyle and his wife, Sharon

Tom Fugate and friends gathering to socialize! Left to right: Roy Miller, Peggy Mills Gaines, Tom Fugate, Matthew Daniels, Kathy Huber Falensky and Karen Bush Humerick. Behind Roy is Elsworth Senior

Elizabeth Frazier Wright, Sally Lafferty Dingfelder and Barbara Lowry Huffman having fun!

Jo Agnes Mollett and Ruth McCullough Angle

John O'Connor, Donna Bisdorf Winget, Karon Kelly Swan, ?, and Bill Harrison

Doug Battenberg and Gary Coffman

Chuck Williams with Wayne Young and his wife.

Judy Clauss Gran, Vic Gran and Carol Evans Stiles

Merle Newman Caudill and Bill Harrison

Joe Leffel and Tom Jenks

Steve Williams and Linda Riley Bowser

Carole Werber Murdock, Bill Sturgill and Vicki Phares Newton

Sharon Dirlam Robinson and Judy Slentz Rupert

This group toured the Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House on Friday! Row 1, left to right: Kathy Burnett Zimmerman, Jan Stegall Kreider, Jane Stupp Fuller, Edi Klingner, Kaye Davis Smith, Carole Werber Murdock and Julia Lynn Wright Row 2, left to right: Martin Zimmerman, Dan Clauer, Jim Kreider, Rex Fuller, Tom Klingner and ? Smith

And this group enjoyed a tour of the new Springfield High School building on Saturday morning. Left to right: Steve Fatzinger, Jo Bryson Leonard, Ann Musgrave Spencer, Carole Werber Murdock, Elizabeth Frazier Wright, Jim Kreider, Kaye Davis Smith, ? Smith, and Linda Riley Bowser

Judy Clauss Gran, Vic Gran, Phil Post, Steve Fatzinger, and Linda Riley Bowser listening to the tour guide explain all the modern features of the new school

Also learning about the new high school are Mary Harford White, Dallas D'Antuono, and Wally Eakins and his wife

Having lunch at Rosie's after the Springfield High tour! Belinda Bell Bryan and her husband, Don

Doug Battenberg

Kathy (Burnett) and Martin Zimmerman

Becky Demmy Mills, Frank Freeland, and Breta Davis Rush enjoying the school tour and socializing!

First off the Tee: Phil Westfall, Dick Wiggins, Jack Sayers and Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz watches Dick Wiggins hit while Phil Westfall and Jack Sayers plan strategy for their next shot.

Jim Adams and Mike Lockwood lead the way while it seems like John Piatt and Bill Winget were right behind, although we understand they got lost after the last visit from the beverage girl!!!

John Piatt, Jim Adams, Bill Winget and Mike Lockwood were a strong foursome.

Bill Winget thought this went in the hole.

Julia Lynn, Jerry Ford and Vern Shoemaker are ready to compete.

Julia Lynn Wright was real close to winning the longest drive after this swing.

Jerry Ford is trying to drive the green.

Here is the winning foursome with 12 under par with Linda Jones Krug and Jerry Armstrong leading the way with Gary Willman and Skip Snow following.

Jerry Armstrong knocks it in from the fairway.

The winners: Skip Snow, Gary Willman, Linda Jones Krug and Jerry Armstrong.

Sam Schwartz (right) is getting some advice from Jack Sayers, Dick Wiggins and Phil Westfall. Did it help? We'll never know!

Dick Wiggins, Sam Schwartz, Phil Westfall and Jack Sayers just completed 18. Didn't win, but Windy Knoll will never be the same!

Dick Wiggins, Sam Schwartz, Jack Sayers and Phil Westfall are ready to go!

John Piatt and Bill Winget watch Jim Adams.

Mike Lockwood, Jim Adams, John Piatt and Jim Adams had a great day!

Vern Shoemaker and Jerry Ford are listening to Julia Lynn Wright.

Phil Westfall and Linda Krug Jones working hard on the reunion committee and the golf outing!

Jerry Armstrong tees off while Skip Snow is watching.

Homer Roberts is going to make this putt as Paul Dobie, Bill Spencer and Jim Maddux watch how it is done.

Nice finish for this group. Paul Dobie, Homer Roberts, Bill Spencer and Jim Maddux

Go, Jane! Jane Hill Mullin

Jim Armstrong and George Bauser watch as John Mullin puts it close to the pin.

Jim Armstrong is looking way too serious during this swing as George Bauser watches.

Jane Hill Mullin and John Mullin think riding in these carts is the best!

Jim Armstrong drives and George Bauser rides along.

George Bauser, Jim Armstrong, Jane Hill Mullin and John Mullin got the job done and had a great time, too!

Sonny Lenhart is ready to go!

Dan Clauer and Jim McVey surveying the situation

Division 1 - Row 1, left to right: Janice Amerine Woods, Janet Chase Amlin, Sharon Nolan LeVelle, Sherrie Ferres Routzahn; Row 2: Clifford VanArsdale, Cheryl Lauver Hinkle, Peggy Hoyt Martineau, Tom Powers and Jeri Mason Hammon

Linda Jones Krug looking at mementos on North's Memory Board

Masters of ceremony for the evening: Dick Wiggins and Cindy Fox Carter

North graduates back in 1961 included Linda Schneider Ware, Pete Grotuss and Karen Huffman Pearl

Chuck Hall speaking on behalf of the reunion committee and giving the opening prayer before

Janet Stinchcomb Kelly is checking out the Memory Book

At Dinner!

Don Engel and Jennifer

Gary Coffman, North High Class President, reminisces about 1961

Gary Coffman in 1961 as North High Class President

Division 2- left to right: Gloria Cohagen Leedle, Bob Leedle, Sandee Christopher Westfall and Phil Westfall

Chemistry and Senior Living teacher, Phil Hanes

Teacher Phil Hanes in 1961

Cliff VanArsdale and Janet Chase Amlin

Frank Freeland received the most interesting job award!

Farrell and Sharon Sparks talking with Tom Powers (center)

South High Class President, Jerry Armstrong, giving everyone words of wisdom after 50 years!

Sharon Dirlam Robinson standing next to the display of the dress she wore to the prom 50 years ago

South High English and typing teacher, Carol Hanes

Teacher Carol Hanes in 1961

Division 3 - Seated Row 1 left to right: Marilyn Paxon Blackburn, Liz Longo McKinnon, Jeri Mason Hamman, Linda Jones Krug; Seated Row 2: Dick Wiggins, Jim Mcvey and John Piatt; Row 3 standing: Patricia Gibson Bodine, Becky Mills Demmy and Breta Davis Rush

North High Dramatic Arts, speech and English teacher, Lloyd K. Lewis

Linda Schneider Ware

North classmates Sherry Cook Wycoff, Ann Musgrave Spencer, Jo Bryson Leonard and Carole Werber Murdock

South High School 1961 Memory Board

North High's choir director, Robert Sedoris leading the singing of the Alma Maters

Dave Germann and Dick Wiggins having fun singing!

Robert Sedoris doing what he does best, directing!

Marjean Garey Wray and Fay Smith Myers singing the Alma Mater

Doug Battenberg singing the Alma Mater

Division 4 left to right: Seated: Loretta Hill Thompson, Gwenda Strickland Parker, Twana Young Harris, Nona Echols Fullen, Vivian Hereford, Joyce Davis Robinson, Blanche Webb Thomas, Mary (Mickey) clark Hawkins and ernie Henry; Standing: Mike Cobb, Peggy Mills Gaines, Thelma Cottingham Cobb, Varga Berrien, Gloria Garrison, Ed Cook, Eleanor Harris Roberts, Matthew Daniel, Tom Fugate, Paul Bacon, Jack Howard and Eddie Frazier, Jr.

North classmates Liz Longo McKinnon, Pandy Brunk Garvic and Roberta Kaufman Greenland

Mary Stanze-Piatt and Jim Armstrong

Ann Dudley Adams

Elizabeth Frazier Wright, Barbara Lowry Huffman and Carol Hook

Division 5 left to right - Row 1: Sharon Payne, Linda Evans Emerick, Mary Harford White, Dallas D'Antuono Ramirez and Diane Lyman; Row 2: Farrell Sparks, Craig Robinson, Linda Riley Boswer, Peggy Seal Kreager; Row 3: Don Angle, Ruth McCullough Angle, Janet Dwing Hodge, Sharon Dirlam Robinson, Rebecca Leach Cochrun, ?

Pandy (Brunk) and John Garvic

Jack Sayers and Pandy Brunk Garvic in 1961 French club photo

Sherrie (Ferres) and Dan Routzahn talking to John Piatt

Varga Berrian

Division 6 left to right - Row 1: Jane Stupp Fuller, Beth Frazier Wright, Billie Stephenson, Nancy Bethay Gearhart; Row 2: Dan Clauer, Janet Stinchcomb Kelly, Carol Hook, Barb Lowry Huffman; Row 3: Carol Evans Stiles, Paulette Stutsman Brown, Ann Nelson McDonald and Judy Clauss Gran

Tom and Edi Klingner

Susan Bay Hartley

nostalgic table centerpieces

Division 7 left to right - Row 1: Pam Humphrey Shinn, Marvin tossey, Vicki Phares Newton, Marjean garey Wray; Row 2: Lyne Carter, Cindy Fox Carter, Sam Schwartz, Faye Myers Smith

Gloria (Cohagen) and Bob Leedle

South Spanish teacher Jeanne Braun

Jeanne Braun in 1961

Farrell Sparks, Ben Norman and Dave Germann

Bill and Vicki (Phares) Newton

Vicki Sherfick White

Donna Bisdorf Winget and Karon Kelly Swan

Jan Stegall Kreider

Division 8 left to right - Row 1: Cheryl McGregor Jurkat, Pat McVey Davenport, Jo Ann Sise Fissel, and

Gene (Harold) Bryant

Jim McVey and Dick Wiggins

Amanda Hughes Shoup

Division 9 left to right - Row 1: Vern Shoemaker, Julia Lynn Wright, Steve Fatzinger; Row 2: Don Shaffer, Phil Post and Tom Powers; Standing: ?

Tom Fugate and Matthew Daniels

Phil and Sandee (Christopher) Westfall

Cherie Wiseman DeHart

Ramona and Ernest Henry

North high group talking: Bob Leedle, Breta Davis Rush, Dan Clauer, Carole Werber Murdock, Becky Demmy Mills and Belinda Bell Bryan

1961 Bowling champs Kaye Davis Smith and Linda Jones Krug

Kaye Davis Smith

left to right: Bobby Strawn, Ruth McCullough Angle, Don Angle, Gene (Harold Bryant), Janet Sherfick Crawford and husband, Nick Crawford

Tom Fugate, Earl Megan and Ernest Henry

South High classmate Mark Cadwallader

South High football coach and teacher of science and nature studies, Robert Bronston relaxing back in 1961

South High's 1961 Football team left to right- Row 1: Joe Brown, Mike Cobb, Paul Bacon and Phil Westfall; Row 2: Tom Fugate, Coach Robert Bronston, Matthew Davis and Ernie Henry

Springfield South's winning football team in action in 1961

Dave Tucker

Beth Frazier Wright and Connie Lockwood

Paulette Stutsman Brown

Ron and Donna Wiseman

Patricia Gibson Bodine, Karen Clark Ross and Marilyn Paxon Blackburn

Division 10 left to right - Row 1: Pat Dooley Scott, Barbara McDonald Elkins, Amanda Hughes Shoup and Jo Mollett; Row 2: Kaye Davis Smith, Judy Slentz Rupert and Doug Maclin

- Sandra Canter Sullivan talking to Dallas D'Antuono Ramirez

Linda Duncan Sheets

Merle Newman Caudill with Cheryl Miller McBlane

Butch Macbeth and Liz Longo McKinnon

Willard Brewer

Linda Jones Krug chatting with Phil Hemry

Cindy Fox Carter at Schaefer

Cindy (Fox) and Lyne Carter

Joe Brown

Division 14 left to right - Row 1: Lois Pennington Schmahl, Janet Sherfick Crawford, Vicki Sherfick (White) Strawn and Donna Skaggs Crossman; Row 2: Gene (Harold) Bryant and John O'Connor

Steve West and Phil Hemry in conversation

North camera club officers: Ronnie Osborne, Walter Eakins and Bob Wilson

Wally and Diane Eakins

Pat Scott Dooley

Mollie (Remsberg) and her husband

092 - Divison 12 left to right - Row 1: ?, ? Jerry Armstrong and Willard Brewer; Row 2: Roberta Kaufman Greenland, Lola benedict Davis, Phil Hemry and Doug Ditty; Row 3: Elwood Gay, Dave Germann, David Storts, Walter Eakins and Glenn Parks

Doug Ditty dancing with his wife

Division 13 left to right - Row 1: Karen Clark Ross, Judie Peterson Haley, Pandy Brunk Garvic, Jan Stegall Kreider; Row 2: Linda Liggett Hull, Karon Kelly Swan, Ann Hoppes Baker, Jim Kreider; Row 3: ?, Chuck Hull, Merle Newman Caudill, Kathy Burnett Zimmerman

Don and Beth (Frazier) Wright

Connie Jirinec Lockwood with Bob Ware and Linda Schneider Ware

Eddie C. Frazier, Jr.

Divison 15 left to right - Row 1: Jim McVey, Butch Macbeth, Sandy McGregor ('62), Jim Armstrong; Row 2: Don Angel, Dan Clauer, John Sayres, Dan McGregor; Row 3: Karen Bush Humerick, Kathy Falensky and Monty Henderson

Ann Hoppes Baker and her husband head for the dance floor

Jerry Ford

Gloria Garrison and her sweetheart dancing cheek to cheek

Division 19 left to right - Roy Miller, Robert Tate, Joyce Olsen Maddux and Janet Ewing Hodge

Teacher of Sales, Store Organization, Merchandising and Electricity, Charles Beard

Charles Beard in 1961

Division 20 left to right - Row 1: Merle Newman Caudill and Doug Battenberg; Row 2: Sherry Cook Wycoff, Cheryl McGregor Jurkat, ? and ?; Row 3: Bob Ware, ed Jurkat, Connie Jirinec Lockwood, Ed Cook and Ann Dudley adams

Rockin' on the dance floor with Tom Fugate

Loretta Hill Thompson

Wayne Young and his wife

Glenn and Pat Parks

Jan Stegall Kreider has that dance lline movin'

Kathy Falensky Huber

Peggy Seal Kreager and her husband are jitterbugging the night away

South High 1961 Spring Hop

Linda Riley Bowser

Carol (Kuhn) and Phil Fretz

Linda Evans Emerick, Sharon Payne and Mary Harford White

Gwenda Strickland Parker

Classmates gathering and socializing around the North and South Memory Boards

Doug Maclin and wife

Marvin Tossey

Karen Bush Hemerick and Jan Stegall Kreider are having way too much fun on the dance floor

South classmates shopping in downtown Springfield in 1961, the pre-mall days!